stopmotion animation @ Mscala Malta

stopmotion animation @ Mscala Malta

Stopmotion is the ability to make objects appear to move on their own. This is made possible because the object is moved in small amounts and photographed with a webcam. When the series of frames are played as a continuous sequence, the objects give an illusion of movement.

Links about stopmotion:

1.  Tutorial about Stopmotion:

2. Stopmotion Animation presented by teachers and pupils:

The Printshop Professional 11 is one of the various software installed on computers in Maltese schools. Some teachers are giving the opportunity to the pupils to create a website using this software.

These projects were created by Year 5 and Year 6 pupils after following the steps on how to build a website with Printshop Professional 11:

Creating a Web page in The Print Shop is much like creating any other kind of project.


There are many QuickStart Layouts available for Web pages.

I will be providing the basic steps to conclude this task:web4


1.                 Click Start – Programs – The Printshop 

2.                 Select Web Pages and Click Next. 

3.                 Select Start from Scratch and Click Next.

4.                 Choose Standard Page Width.

Note: By Choosing Custom Page Width one can alter the page size by enlarging the pixels of the width and height. (This enlarges the size of the document in case of printing)

5.                 Click Finish. 

6.                 To add the Background : Click Panel Colour and Texture … (3rd icon on the left)

7.                 Select Texture or a colour from the colour palette window and choose an appropriate background.

8.                 Add the second page to your document by clicking the right arrow at the bottom left hand corner. 

9.                 The Add Pages window opens. Select Add Copies of Page 1. Click Ok.

10.              To insert a graphic click the 1st icon on the left (1st option-Insert Graphics)

11.               Drag the picture to the desired place and enlarge it as required from the resizing handles. 

12.              To write text one can click on the 2nd icon on the left and choose first option –Insert text  box.

13.              Click and drag to open a text box, change font style and size as you like. (more…)

Double click on Internet Explorer icon.

You will be logged on this web address  which is the Schools Portal

Input your Email and Password in the space provided – check with the details provided. emailpic1Please note that is already typed one just needs to input  the login name – for example, if your email is you need to input just the username near the @ symbol.

Once you input the password click enter and you will log into your mailbox.